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123movies new site

123Movies is a pretty old streaming site and its seniority also means popularity, this website being probably the most popular free streaming platform ever made.

Even if the original 123Movies has been shutted down in 2017, they succeeded to come back in a short time with even more than one streaming sites and took their fans back. Even if 123Movies is a very good website, with big database of movies and tv series, beautiful design, it’s easy to use and offers a good user experience, some people are still looking for alternatives and they will always do because not everybody can like the same thing. This is why we’ve created this article, to offer you a list with the best similar sites like 123Movies.

For the moment, there are 7 good alternatives for watching movies and series online. We will keep this post updated frequently with only active websites with a low ads level and also we are looking for streaming sites who are posting daily latest releases from the cinema and TV channels.

FMovies Free Movies

FMovies Watch Full Movies

FMovies is a typical streaming site, good but not the best, and it is a pretty nice alternative when you are tired of big sites like 123Movies or Putlocker. We appreciate FMovies for keeping a very low level of advertisement, which means you can enjoy watching movies and series on their website without being bothered of too many annoying pops and ads. As you are used to, FMovies is also a completely free website, all their content is available without any costs or registration.

Check Latest FMovies Added – Featured Collection Here:

Putlocker Movies

Putlocker Free Movies Online

Here we have a veteran when it comes to streaming sites, Putlocker being online for many years already. It proved the fact that it is a wonderful streaming platform and it deserves a place in our recommendations list. PutLocker offers at this moment a big database made of the best movies and tv series of all times, everything available for free in HD quality. Give it a try and you might become a real fan of this website when you will see what it has to offer.

Vidics Free Movies Online Streaming

Watch Free Movies Online Vidics

Even if Vidics is an old free streaming site, the majority of people forgot about it and we are here to remind everybody about it because it really deserves. Vidics recently has been through a rebranding and now it has a beautiful design, very easy to use and we can say it is a pleasure to watch your favorite movies and series on a website like this one. Their collection of movies and shows is not as big as on other sites, but it has enough to offer for the moment. It really has a chance to become a great streaming website again.

WatchSeries Free Online


If you’ve been on internet for many years, it’s impossible to not heard at least once about the magnificent WatchSeries website. As the name says, this streaming site is providing only tv series and they really made a great job focusing only on shows and not on movies, because we’ve already seen a lot of movies sites. The quantity of tv shows they published is enormous and we are sure you will easily find something good to watch on MyWatchSeries.

primewire 1channel

PrimeWire Site

Another good website that decided to work only with tv series, PrimeWire offers the largest collection of TV shows ever seen on a free streaming site. Even if PrimeWire is still using an old-fashioned design theme, it is very usable and the user experience must be pretty good on this kind of website because of their minimalist style and cool features. A little difference between PrimeWire and other streaming sites is the way of watching movies, because PrimeWire does not host video players but only post links to third parties where you can watch the content.

SolarMovies Free

Solarmovie free movies online

SolarMovie is an old streaming website that never gained enough popularity because it seems people used to prefer other sites like 123Movies or FMovies. Time is not wasted and SolarMovies is not giving up because recently it came back with a brand new website, massive collection of movies and tv series, cool features and improvements and now it really has the chance to become one of the most popular streaming sites.


CipFlix is one of the newest streaming sites, being created only a month ago at the date when we are writing this article. Even if its new, CipFlix already published a massive collection of movies and series. We are talking about more than 10.000 movies, 2.000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. All the content is available for free, without registration, in HD quality only. CipFlix is using very stable video hosting players that never deteles the files, so you will be able to watch them many years from now.

Rumors says that CipFlix has been created by a professional team which is also behind other big streaming sites and we really tend to believe that when seeing the quality of this website and the work they did.

Extra 123Movies Similar Sites

ProjectFreeTV is one of the oldest streaming sites, also known as PFTV or ”free-tv-video-online” in the beginnings. After many years, many domains changed, redirects, rebrandings and other stuff, ProjectFreeTV is now at its final version and it’s a great site where you can watch your favorite movies and series. Even if in the past PFTV was a website well-known for the variety of tv shows and they didn’t post movies, now things changed and PFTV also published 10.000 movies so for sure it’s on the radar when it comes to online movies. You can give it a try and maybe will become your favorite streaming site.

5Movies, as the majority of the sites in this industry, has been through a lot of changes in this time because it was created almost 10 years ago. After some name and domain changes, now we are happy to introduce you the new 5Movies. This website have a database of over 60.000 episodes and 10.000 movies and all of them are available for free in HD quality. We strongly recommend you to access 5Movies because it doesn’t have any kind of advertisement so you can enjoy your favorite movies without being bothered by ads and also it does not require registration so you won’t lose your time creating an account on this free site.

TvMuse has been one of the best sites niched on tv shows. Very well-known around the world for its massive collection of tv series, summing up to 100.000 episodes from shows of all times. For sure TvMuse was number one choice of the majority of users when it comes to online series. Unfortunately, one or two years ago the original TvMuse stopped working from unknown reasons but recently it seems they come back. We don’t know if this is the original TvMuse or other people decided to recreate this old brand but for sure it’s a good site and it deserves your attention.

YesMovies is probably the most special site where you can watch movies online for free. At the time when it was created, YesMovies used a very different design that nobody else in this niche did. The beginning was pretty hard for YesMovies because people weren’t used to this kind of site but after some time it started to get more and more visitors and fans that continued to watch their favorite movies and series only on YesMovies, which made this site to pass the test of time, being up and running for so many years. It is still one of the best streaming sites and you can try it for free.

CouchTuner is an underrated website because there are too less people that ever heard about it, even if it’s a really great site that has behind it a team who worked hard in order to create such a wonderful streaming site. CouchTuner published both movies and tv series for a few years and now it can be praised with a massive collection of 9000 movies and 50.000 episodes. CouchTuner is streaming only high quality content and is using video players provided by a non-affiliate third party called Netu.Tv which guarantees that all the files will remain online forever because they are offering the best protection when it comes to DMCA.

GoStream is an unique streaming site and don’t confuse it with GoMovies because even their names looks pretty much the same, both are different websites and probably in the future we will also present you GoMovies but now we are here to introduce you the latest version of GoStream site, which has been recently through a little rebranding and there were lots of improvements to this site in the last time. GoStream updated its database with more HD movies and series and also added English subtitles where it’s necessary. This is a free streaming site and doesn’t require registration so you can watch everything you like without any effort. Just search through their collection for your favorite movie or serie, click play and enjoy it.


CipFlix.To is a new free streaming website and this also means new features. CipFlix benefits of a lots of improvements compared to other similar sites, and it seems they really care about their visitor’s experience. Besides all the functionalities that help you stream movies with a fast loading speed, no advertisement, find your favorite movies and series easily because of the advanced search system based of filters, categories, tags and many more, CipFlix also offers design-related features which includes options like dark mode, favorite system and other.




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at 8:52 AM

Very Interesting List. Thank you admin, this list is really helpful for peoples like me who watch free movies and tv series. I really like you site, CipFlix.

el camino

at 7:47 PM

Thank you admin, this list is really helpful for people like me who can’t afford a Netflix subscription and I’m always trying to find a good streaming site, unfortunately the majority of sites are bullshit but those from your list are working great.

I used to download my movies and series from torrents but since my account has been banned because I didn’t seed them now I have to watch something on free sites so please keep posting new films


at 1:44 PM

it’s been hard for me to choose something from your list cause 7 sites is not a little and the decision was hard because all of them seems to be pretty good or otherwise you wouldn’t promote them in this article, i think… btw i really like your new site CipFlix and i already watched 2 movies here yesterday, keep up the good work


at 10:08 AM

I really appreciate the effort you put into making this list for us. Recently my favorite streaming site has been closed and I was desperately looking for a replacement because every night I like to stay comfy in my couch and watch the latest episodes from my tv shows. Thank you CipFlix and I’m waiting for more recommendations 🙂


at 11:56 PM

I really like you site, CipFlix. It’s my first time when I’m trying to watch a movie and I find this new site ranking in search results and I thought it’s a good idea to check it out. You really deserve more popularity because this is a really great website and finally I found some players with fast loading speed. Regarding the list, now I will use CipFlix but if I don’t find here what I’m looking for then I will go on the other sites you presented here.


at 11:20 PM

nice list and site Cipflix, but i remember back in 2014-2016 when really good to watch series was released every day and project free tv ag was my favorite, is sad that the site is shut down now…

but i’m happy with Cipflix now, hope you will not add ads soon


at 2:10 PM

I come here from Project free tv and i’ve enjoyed Cipflix one full day watching two miniseries here. I see that lots of this sites like 123movies or Project free tv are similar, also this one is similar and the content always made the difference.
I also like this one because for now no annoying ads hehe

Johhny Parker

at 10:52 AM

I’m happy to see that in 2020 people are still watching movies on those free streaming sites, I thought this trend died a few years ago because now everyone has a Netflix account. Btw, very interesting list, I will take a look 🙂