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Posted 2020/09/30 1462 2

CipFlix.To is a brand new streaming website made by a team with years of experience in creating this kind of sites. We’ve thought about this new project named “CipFlix” about a month ago and since the last week we started to work seriously on it. Since the end of September, CipFlix is in Beta version but starting from October 1st the final version will be available and this streaming website will benefit of daily updates with latest news in terms of movies and tv series. Also, we are very determined to keep the blog section active by occasionally publishing articles with news from the cinema industry or special packs with recommendations.

Probably the biggest advantage of CipFlix is the lack of advertisement, which is almost unprecedented when we talk about free streaming sites. This means that you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows without any annoying pops and ads because we don’t want to make any profits from this website, but only to offer free content to everyone. Pops might still appear rarely because of the third parties who are hosting the video files, unfortunately this is something that we can’t control but we are struggling to keep CipFlix ad-free.

Our target for the next year is to make CipFlix the most popular streaming site in the world. If we can’t make it no. 1, we want at least the top 5 because we know how much hard work we’ve put in it and for sure we will continue to do so. Even if CipFlix is still in the beta version right now, we are confident that our goal will become reality.

CipFlix is now using a design created by PSY themes but customized a lot by our team. Also, another one of our targets for this year is to complete major updates on our website at least once a month. These updates will target both tehnical part (functions, features, user-experience, design…) and content part which means lots of new movies and tv series, but also refreshing the old links with new ones.

Soon you will have the chance to vote for the next productions that will be added on CipFlix website. Stay tuned for more news related to our site and the movies industry and don’t forget to bookmark CipFlix!


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terry newman

at 9:30 PM

GREAT to have an ads fee site. Thumbs up


    at 9:38 PM

    Thank you @terry newman!
    Hope you’ll return to CipFlix and tell your friends about it 😀