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We’ve worked hard in the last months to make CipFlix the best streaming site ever made and also one of our targets was to make this website very easy to use even by the visitors who doesn’t have any experience with this kind of websites. At first, we tell you it’s really simple to watch movies on CipFlix and its already very intuitive but we’ve written this for our visitors who need a little tutorial. Just follow the steps below and get instant access to a collection of more than 10.000 movies and 60.000 episodes in HD quality without registration.

Step 1. Search For Your Favorite Movies

Searching on CipFlix can be done in two ways. You can either browse through our collection by simply clicking on the top pages from the header of the site: News, Movies, Tv Series, Episodes, Genre, Year, Top IMDb. These are dedicated pages when our content is sorted as the name suggests. We recommend this method if you are not decided what to watch yet and want to see more titles before you choose something.

The second way is by searching for the specific productions you want. If you are on the first page of CipFlix then you can see a very big search form in the middle of the page, all you have to do it type in the name of your tv show or movie. *Important: When you are searching for tv series, it’s not necessary to type in the season number because it might not work this way. Just search the name of the tv show and the result will guide you to the show page and there you have a list of all the seasons and episodes available. It’s that simple! If there are 2 tv shows or movies with the same name (because this happens sometimes), just look carefully for the release year.

You can find the year/date by clicking on the image of your show/movie and scroll down a bit to the info section. Sometimes, when talking about productions with the same name you might also see the release year in the link of the page, at the top of your screen. Even if you think it might be confusing sometimes, we are always updating our database with the correct informations, you just have to look carefully.

Step 2. Click The Middle Play Button

As soon as you are on the page of the movie that you want to watch you can see the main video player and it has a big play button in the middle. Nothing simpler and more intuitive than that, just press the play button. Almost every time there is a pop ad that will jump right after the first click. All you have to do is close the ad (be careful to not close the page of the movie, just the ad). This will lead you to the 5 seconds skip ad.

Step 3. Skippable Ad (5 Seconds)

As you are used to from platforms like YouTube or Facebook that also uses skippable video ads, you have to do the same thing on CipFlix. Press again the play button from the middle (this time it’s a red button instead of blue as the previous one) and the 5 seconds ad will start running and you can see the countdown timer in the right side down of the video player. After 5 seconds have passed, click on the Skip button.

Step 4. The Movie Is Now Running

After you watched the 5 seconds video advertisement and you pressed the Skip button from the right side down, be careful because another pop ad might jump and, as before, you have to close it (we recommend to close the pops as fast as you can, the ads are not harmful but they might be annoying sometimes). After you closed the final ad, the movie starts running automatically without being necessary to press anything anymore.

5. When Skipping Through The Movie

At this point, the movie is already playing and you can watch it without any kind of ads for whole duration of it. A little inconvenience might occur when you are trying to skip through the movie (e.g. when you want to skip the intro part or just a sequence that you don’t like) or to access functions like the volume control, playback speed or subtitles. When you will press any of these buttons, there might be another pop ad on your screen. Pop ads can be closed within a second, just press the X as on any other browser windows and continue to watch your movie or show.

Note: We understand how important is to offer a good user experience to our visitors and that’s why we are not placing any type of advertisement on our website so you can browse freely and without ads when searching for your favorite movies. The pops and skippable ads will only appear when trying to play a movie because the video content is provided by third parties and we don’t have any control over them and the ad system they are using. We are really sorry if any advertisement from the video player is bothering you and that’s why we created this tutorial to explain you clearly how to get rid of the ads and watch without problems.


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